Note: Even if the test result is negative, this is no guarantee that you do not have the infection, and you must continue to comply with the rules in force for protection against infection.

How do I take the test?

The self-test is simple to take. You test yourself and you can then read the answer in 15 minutes.

Download the user instruction.

Watch this instruction video (voice in Norwegian, text in English).

Be especially aware of the following:

  • The test swab: insert it two to three centimetres up into your nose and rotate it for around ten seconds in both nostrils.
  • The test tube: stir the swab in the liquid ten times, squeeze the sponge on the swab before taking it out. Then put the cork on the tube with the pointed end facing up.
  • The test paper: Drip four drops onto the circle. Do not touch or move the test paper.
  • The result can be read between 15 minutes (minimum) and 30 minutes (maximum).

What do I do if the test is positive?

If your test is positive, you must go into isolation and report this to infection detection. Send an e-mail to Remember your name and phone number.

Our infection tracking team will contact you and set you up for a priority PCR test as soon as possible.

Where can I pick up self-tests?

Self-tests can be handed out at Melhus library during opening hours Monday to Saturday. On Sundays from 13-15 you can get self-tests at the town hall in connection with cinema performances.


User instruction


User instruction.


User instruction.